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Power Quality Analysis

For industrial, commercial and institutional premises, there is often the need to determine the quality of the electrical supply and distribution, both for reliability and predicting future works. We have the equipment and expertise to carry out a full power quality analysis, ensuring that you can rely on your electrical systems.

Our power quality analysis equipment can accurately monitor and record:

  • AC RMS voltages up to 480V (phase to neutral) or 830V (phase to phase) for two-wire, three-wire and four-wire networks
  • Alternating RMS currents up to 3000 A RMS
  • Frequency of 50Hz networks (10Hz to 70Hz)
  • Active, reactive and apparent power per phase and their aggregate
  • Harmonic distortion (up to the 50th harmonic)
  • Average value of any parameter, calculated over a period running from 1 sec to 2 hours. Storage of values over an unlimited period in the instrument memory
  • Power disturbances (swells, dips and interruptions, overrun of power and harmonic thresholds) are recorded and time stamped
  • Detection of transients and recording of the associated waveforms

The service covers the installation and removal of equipment and the production of graphical interpretations of data collected.

All site personnel are CSCS qualified and carryout works inline with industry standards and most of are first aid trained.

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Power Quality Analysis

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