Thermal Imaging Surveys

Thermal Imaging Surveys

Thermal Imaging Surveys

We have specialist equipment as well as the technical expertise to carry out a full thermal imaging survey of your premises. This can reveal all kinds of potential problems, which can then be repaired during a scheduled shutdown, avoiding breakdown costs and production interruption during busy times.

Potential problems that can be detected include:

  • Overloaded phases
  • Unbalanced phases
  • Bad contacts on switches or circuit breakers
  • Overheating motors, gearboxes, bearings loose or corroded electrical connections

The survey will be analysed and a report will be put together, outlining any potential problems and possible solutions. These problems can then be rectified at a time convenient to yourselves.

This service can be vital for industrial premises as well as institutions such as hospitals for whom reliability of electrical supply is an essential factor.

All site personnel are CSCS qualified and carryout works inline with industry standards and most of are first aid trained.

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Thermal Imaging Surveys

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